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Glam Fever

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Have you ever dreamed living a glamorous life, being an A-list actress or the ultimate Pop Star? Now you can make your dream come true.

Raise your Glam and accomplish your dreams by reaching the top of fabulous careers, wearing amazing outfits, flirting and dating the hottest guys.

A glam girl has to be intelligent, have charm and style. Show if you have what it takes to be the most glamorous girl in the city.




- Outstanding clothes and character design:

The game features amazing art visuals and integrates much higher quality than any other competitor.

❤ Over 1 million ways to choose your aspect 

❤ More than 500 incredibly detailed apparel

❤ 20 work uniforms and 96 equipment objects

❤ Over 1 million guys to flirt and date with


- Spectacular panoramic 360º navigation system:

The main menus are shown in panoramic views, where each location gives access to a specific feature. It also has a 360º move navigation controller.

❤ Shopping Galleries with 7 indoor stores and 3 outdoor stores

❤ 4 work stages: Music Arena, Theatre, Hospital, Zoo

❤ Academy

❤ Disco

❤ Love Fountain


- 3 addictive minigames for hours of fun:

❤ Memory game for working

❤ Action game for flirting

❤ Logic game for dating


Glam Fever is available for free both in:

App Store click here

Google Play Store click here